Best 10+ English Story books with moral and picture for kids reading story books collection

Today we are going to tell You about the best English story book. We will tell you about some of the best story books for all of you, the children have to read. By the way, we have written many English stories.

If you want to buy best English story book then you can buy. their are many english stories books are available in market. but we tell you best English story book for children.

the best English story book for kids are those book with moral.It is very important to tell the story to the children, but only when we have a story, we can tell the story. That’s why parents need to read the stories book.

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English Stories Books list

  1. Grandma’s Bag of Stories
  2. Mullah Nasruddin Stories book
  3. 101 Panchatantra Stories book
  4. 101 Fairy Tales stories Book
  5. Tenali Raman Stories book
  6. Akbar and Birbal Stories book
  7. Planets : The Solar System
  8. Fairy Tales (My Jumbo Book)
  9. Krishna Tales & Ramayana book
  10. Blossom Story Book for Kids in English 
  11. Moral Stories from Aesop Fables (english) set of 20 books

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Grandma’s Bag of Stories

the listen grandmother story is every enjoy full. We all listen many more stories from our grandmother. this book also have grandmother stories. the book title is Grandma’s Bag of Stories.

Many people like the story of grandmother because that story is very good. In this book, the grandmother’s stories have been written. You can also see live preview of this book on Amazon.

This grandmother english stories buy by 2,218 customer and the rating of this book is 4.6. this is great. If you want to check preview of this book before buy then you check it.

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101 Panchatantra Stories

The Panchatantra stories are one of the most popular collections of animal-based fables. every one know about Panchatantra stories. Panchatantra stories was originally written in Sanskrit, but know as demand it is available on many languages.

Panchatantra each story with good moral for every age human. In this book stories are written in every organization way. In this book use many 2d images. so images make children every interesting and joy full. one quote is “a image till thousand of words.”

101 Fairy Tales Book

every body like Fairy Tales stories. fairy tales stories are most famous. In fairy tales story are short as well as interesting. In this book you get best collection of Fairy Tales stories in English language. As preview of this book is good. this book collect 101 Fairy Tales stories as well as use best cartoon (2D) images.

This book sell on amazon aprox 436 and rating is 4.2 is so good. After all this book contain 101 stories this so good.

Planets : The Solar System

if a story book help children to make enjoy and learn some things new. then this book is Planets : The Solar System. this is story telling like book but share the solar system knowledge.

In study life a child need to learn about solar system. this book help learn about solar system with good images use and good experience.

Fairy Tales (My Jumbo Book)

This book write the story of fairy tales with the enjoy full way. this book collect many fairy tales story for kids. many kids listen about Fairy Tales stories. so children are interest in Fairy Tales stories as compare to another stories book.

this book is based upon Fairy Tales stories. so if you are interested in Fairy Tales stories so you may buy it and check it.

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Krishna Tales & Ramayana

As other story books you also offer the children Krishna Tales & Ramayana for reading and getting knowledge. this types of book full with knowledge and lesson. In this types of book every line are full with knowledge and lesson.

If now era children reads this book so they get many knowledge and this knowledge help them to get success in life. their are may great example of book readers how get success in their life.

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The Illustrated Stories of Tenali Raman

like akbar birbal the stories of Tenali Raman is also famous. there are so much Tenali Raman stories are written. the Tenali Raman is so intelagent person how solve all types of question.

the Tenali Rama stories full with intelligent and enjoyment. the stories of Tenali Raman with Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagar is so famous. when Krishnadeva Raya face any problem then solve this problem tenali rama by using intelligent.

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Blossom Story Book for Kids in English 

this English story book written for 3 to 4 Year Old children. In this book collect 31 Short Stories with Moral and Colourful Pictures. color full pictures are very important for children reading and making enjoyment.

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The Illustrated Stories of Mullah Nasruddin

As the stories of tenali rama and akbar birbal famous as well as the stories of Mullah Nasruddin. by reading stories of Mullah Nasruddin children get intelligent.

Every Story of Mullah Nasruddin are based on problem solving as well as interesting. the culture and demand of problem solving mind increase day by day. If a child develop his mind as problem solving then he/she get success in life.

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Moral Stories from Aesop Fables (english) set of 20 books

This is last but not least. If you want to buy collection of books then this is for you. In this You get 20 books collection from amazon. This all books are story books for kids. All the story book’s story with moral and lesson for kids as well anyone how read this books.

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The Illustrated Stories of Akbar and Birbal

if we discuss the best english stories books for kids the how we forget the story book of akbar and birbal. the stories of akbar and birbal are so famous.

In child life we all lesten stories of akbar and birbal. akbar is king and birbal is minister. the collection of 9 ratan one birbal is also.

birbal is so intelligent and solve most of king akbar problem by using intelligent mind and presentation.

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At last of English Story book

Many parents want to give children good story and lesson from story but they have much stories for tell their children.

so parents need to buy story books and read this books with children and give children knowledge about the world. On this website we public many English stories and Hindi stories.


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