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Godliness is priceless god story

Godliness is priceless god story
Godliness is priceless god story

Once upon a time, there was a greed in the mind of Kapil, a disciple of Rishi Sadananda. They knew that if a sage and sage blesses the king of this place, he gives them two months as gold.

As soon as he reached near the palace, he was caught by the king’s bodyguards on suspicion of theft, when he was brought to the king, he told the king that I had come to bless you. They caught me as a thief. The king was very embarrassed to listen to them and apologized to them.

The king asked Kapil to ask for a reward. Kapil thought that if I ask for money, then that wealth cannot be safe without power. Yes, it is okay, at least one Chothai kingdom must be sought from the king.

Then they started thinking that if I will get the kingdom as a part of the future, then the son of the king and the spirit of competition can be awakened in me. You can fight with me to get back your share. In this way there is a full possibility of fight. Well, I do this that I ask the king for the whole kingdom.

Then there will be no possibility of any quarrel. In this way Kapil kept thinking continuously but could not remain satisfied in himself. Then the king told Kapil again – Kapil! Say what you want Ask for whatever you want. All the treasures of the state are open for you.When Kapil rode something, Monrahe again said – “Rajan! I have decided that – “I am not collecting money, but I will heat up to attain God.”

So I don’t want anything. ” Saying this, Kapil gave blessings to Raza and left the temptation of life and wealth and went towards the forest.
Learning – From this story we get an education that money should not be bought.

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a lot of English story are available.



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