english story with moral for kids in written

English story for kids with moral. their are lots of English story for kids with moral. by reading english story get many lesson from english story. when kids read english story they improve english reading speed.

Candle Holder- English story

english story with moral
english story with moral

Myril was a kind pastor and lived with his sister Maglory. Over time, his long beard had gradually turned white. As a gift, the king gave him a lot of silverware. Among those characters, there were also two big cremations which were very dear to Meryl.

One day a person came to Myril. He had a bag on his back. In fact, he was an accused who had gone to jail in connection with the robbery and had served a harsh sentence.

The pastor welcomed the visitor and said, “Come on friend, sit here!” “The visitor said,” I am Jean Valjean. After serving a sentence of nineteen years, he was released from jail and thought, I will do some work, but I have been wandering for four years. I haven’t got any work yet. Would you let me stay here for a night? “Yes.. yes… why not the pastor said with a smile.”

The pastor turned to Maglory and said, “Carry, get the guest room fixed and get the food fast, they must be hungry.”

Maglory went inside. Soon food was served. Jean Veljean ate a full meal. After the meal, the priest picked up the silver carved candle and then took Jean to the inner room to sleep. He returned by keeping Shamadan there. It was the same precious shamadan that the king had gifted to the priest.

When Jean woke up early in the morning, she saw that everyone in the house was sleeping. He took out the silver utensils from the cupboard and filled it in his bag and got out from his feet. Everyone woke up in a while. Pastor Meryl was walking outside that sister came running and said, “Hey! He took away all our utensils.”

The priest said, Whose prayers? Whatever wealth we have is for the people only. That poor poor was very poor, maybe this money will make him well. “Maglory gave no answer, she was well aware of her brother’s nature. She went inside to get breakfast for Myril. Everyone was having breakfast now that there was a knock at the door.

Upon opening the door, he noticed that a policeman had caught Jean. The police came inside carrying a packed bag. The clergy all understand what is the matter? He said, “Hey, Jean Valjean, you took all your characters, but why did you forget to take them to the crematorium?” By selling them, you could charge a good price and you could do something good with that amount. “

The soldier said after listening to Myril, “Well then it was telling the truth. Seeing your utensils near it, I thought it started stealing again.

Who does not recognize your utensils in the village! “

” No no . Now all these utensils belong to Jean. I have given it to him. Saying this, the pastor took both the candle and giving it to Jean said, “Take this too brother! But remember, start a good job by selling them.

Jeanne quietly took the candle. Picked up his bag and thanked the pastor, came out of teary-eyed.

moral of English story

Learn- We should not cheat anyone.

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Greedy crow- english story

english story with moral for kids in written
english story with moral for kids in written

A long time ago a businessman lived in Varanasi. In the kitchen of his house, a pigeon made its nest in a basket. One day a greedy crow was passing by that kitchen, then he got a taste of delicious dishes from the kitchen. Saliva started dripping from his mouth with the smell of dishes. He thought- “I wish I could go to the kitchen and taste these delicious dishes.”

 Just then, he noticed the pigeon nest in the kitchen. On seeing the nest, he realized a plan to enter the kitchen. He waited for the pigeon to exit. After some time, when the pigeon came out in search of food, the crow said to him- “Pigeon brother, will you be my friend?” I do not have any friends . If you approve of my friendship, then together we will find food together. “

The pigeon was unaware of the crow’s intentions. So he accepted the crow’s friendship. The crow was very happy to see his plan succeed. After finding food, the pigeon brought the crow with him to the kitchen.

When the cook of the house saw the crow with the pigeon, he thought – “I should give a basket to this pigeon’s friend, the crow, so that it too can make its nest like a pigeon.” Thinking this, the cook gave a basket and leg near the pigeon basket.

The crow started living in the same basket by building its nest. The crow would smell the delicious delicacies every day, but the mind would be left stubborn.

One evening when the crow and the pigeon returned, the crow looked at the fish kept in the kitchen. He thought- “Enough!” Can not bear now I will live by enjoying these delicious fish. I just have to wait for the right opportunity.

The cook kept the fish in the night. So the crow had to be patient all night. The next morning, the cook was preparing to make fish. Then the pigeon asked the crow to walk in search of food. The crow wanted to eat fish, so why did he go.

He said- “Friend! Today I will not be able to walk with you. I have a stomachache. “Pigeon said-” Friend! Today I do not feel your intentions are right. Do not do any work after me, for which you have to regret it later. “Crow said-” Oh truth! My stomach is hurting very hard. I am not going to do anything like you think. You go sure.

“The pigeon went out in search of food. The crow was sitting in his basket, watching the fishes out of lalchai eyes. Here the cook was about to fry the fish when his master made a sound to him. The cook ran away from the fish as soon as he heard the voice. So, all was set . As if the crow got a golden opportunity.

He immediately landed from his basket and came down to eat the fish. He had just opened his mouth to eat fish, when the cook returned. Seeing the raven’s rage, he angrily grabbed the crow by the neck and said- “You have taken advantage of my shame.

I gave you shelter here, but you did not desist from your deceit. You will surely get its punishment. “Saying this, the cook threw all the feathers of the crow and threw it back into his basket.” The crow groaned in pain.

When the pigeon returned in the evening, seeing the condition of the crow, he understood the whole matter. He said to the crow- “I had already warned you, but you did not listen to me.” Greed always causes misery and this condition of yours is also due to greed. Hearing this, the crow sat quietly because he knew that the pigeon was right.

moral of English story

We should never be greedy.

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