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Read the best Kahani in English. This all Kahani in English is short for better understand.the English Kahani is short but better meaningful. The Kahani in English is new and wonderful.

This Kahani in English is short and very nice. When you read this Kahani in English you fill this Kahani. All the Kahani is new and wonderful. This story is also available on the other pager of this website.

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1.kahani in english Mother of martyrs


Three sons of a woman went to take part in the war. A few days later, news came that his first son was killed in the war. At this, the woman smiled and said, “He was fortunate to have been martyred for the country.”

A few days later, news came that his second son had also died in the war. Even then the woman said that “I am proud to be the mother of another martyr son who laid down his life for the country”.

The woman’s third son also received Veeragati. But this time when he heard this news, instead of smiling proudly, he had tears in his eyes. Then a person standing near him asked, “Why do you have tears in your eyes today?”

The woman said, “I am crying today because I no longer have any more sons to give to the country.”

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2.kahani in English– Fixed error

A very old and poor woman was wandering from village to village for several days carrying the goods on her head. Due to the heavy burden, she used to take a little distance. Once a horseman passed by him.

The old woman begged him to carry his luggage to the next village on his horse. But the horseman refused, saying that you will walk slowly and I will be quite late. I have to go very far.

After leaving a little distance, it came to the cavalryman’s mind that the old lady could have the goods and could run away with it. Thinking he returned to the old woman and said, “Bring, put the bundle on the horse.”

But the old lady refused. At this, the horseman became angry and said, “A little while ago, you were asking me to take this bundle and now refuse. Why did you change your mind?” To this, the smiling old lady replied, who changed you. “The old lady moved forward while saying this.

summary: This Kahani in English is based on your behavior express your thought. on this Kahani in English, an old and poor lady move from one village to another. she meets a man whos have a horse.

she asks this man to load her object on horse but the first man says no after saying yes. comment your thought about this Kahani in English.

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3. Fools should not advise- kahani in english

kahani in english in short
kahani in english in short

It occurred a long time ago. There was a giant tree on the banks of river Narmada. A large number of birds were caught on it. The tree was so dense that even in heavy rains nothing of the slurry was deteriorated.

One day there was heavy monsoon rain. She was not taking the name of stopping for hours. The rains were accompanied by strong winds. Then a group of monkeys reached there. The monkeys were soaked and were shivering with the cool breeze.

Birds sitting in the nest saw this condition of monkeys. Then one of the birds came down and said to the monkey, “Why do you have to bother like this every time during the rainy season? Look at us, we have made our ghouls only by bringing weeds and straws and today we are safe in the rain.

But God has given you two hands and two legs, which you use for jumping and playing from here and there. Why don’t you build a house for yourself, which in the rain and sun Will lose defense? “

Hearing this, the monkey became enraged. He felt how this bird is talking about us in this way. Bandaro felt that these birds are teaching us in their ghouls. “Let the rain stop, then we will teach them a lesson.” Said the monarch’s chief.

As soon as the rain stopped, all the monkeys climbed the tree and destroyed the ghouls. Broke eggs laid in the slurry. Now Ghosalo was no longer on the tree. The result was that birds saved their lives by flying here and there.

It is therefore said that advice should always be given to the wise, and that is when asked for. Fools should never give advice.

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4. – Mahatma, Sadhu Maharaj and Sadhu Baba –kahani in english

kahani in english with moral
kahani in english with moral

a king went out on a hunt with his minister and soldier. After some time, all three went astray in search of prey and got separated from each other.

On the way, the king found a monk. He was engrossed in his meditation. The King approached the monk and bowed. The king asked the monk, “O Mahatma, I have lost the way. Please please show me the way to the city.” At this, the monk asked the king to go to the left.

Shortly afterward the king’s minister approached the monk and asked: “Sadhu Maharaj, did anyone come here too?”

The monk said, “Yes, the king had come and now he has gone to the left.” The minister also left on hearing the monk’s answer.

Then after some time the king’s soldier reached the monk and started asking, “Sadhu Baba, did anyone come here?” The monk said, “First the king came, then the minister and both left and left.” On hearing this, the soldier also left on the left.

The king, the minister, and the soldiers all found each other in a safe place and the three shared their experiences with each other. The three were surprised that the monk is blind, yet how did he find out that the king came first, then the minister and then the soldier. So the three went to the monk and kept his curiosity in front of him.

The monk replied, “Very simple thing. The king addressed me as Mahatma, the minister called Sadhu Maharaj and the soldier called Sadhu Baba. Everyone introduced himself to his speech.”

That is why it is said – The way you talk to others, your level is known.

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5.Such prime minister – English story


Chanakya Chandragupta was the Prime Minister of Maurya. He was very intelligent and intelligent. Once a Chinese envoy approached him to discuss the philosophy of politics.

The Chinese envoy was not only a royal life-style but also arrogant. He requested Chanakya to give him time. Chanakya asks him to come to his house at night.

The Chinese envoy reached Chanakya’s hut in time. He saw Chanakya writing something in the light of the lamp sitting in his hut. Seeing this, he was shocked and wondered why the Prime Minister of such a big empire is working in the light of light. He felt that I am better in China than this.

Chanakya stood up, welcomed him respectfully and sat down. Then as soon as the talk on the original subject started, Chanakya extinguished the lamp and burnt the other one.

After the deliberation was over, Chanakya extinguished this lamp and burnt the first one back.

The Chinese envoy could not understand the secret of extinguishing the lamp first, lighting the second and then burning the first one. When he was going out of the hut, he could not stop asking about it.

Finally, he asked Chanakya why he did it, extinguished one lamp and lit the other one and then at the end of the conversation, extinguish it and burn the first one.

On this Chanakya said, “When you reached my hut, I was doing my personal study and was using my own lamp for it. But when I started talking to you, I extinguished my lamp and burnt it from government expenditure.

As soon as the matter is over, extinguish the government lamp and burn my lamp again. Sometimes I am the Prime Minister and sometimes a common citizen, And I am aware of the difference between these two. ”

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