story of monkey and the crocodile in english with moral bedtime story

This story (monkey and the crocodile story) is about the friendship of a monkey and a crocodile, a plum tree lives in a forest.

monkey and crocodile story

monkey and crocodile story
monkey and crocodile story

The plum of that tree was so sweet and delicious that many animals used to come to eat it. A monkey lived on the same tree, he also used to eat that plum and lived on the same tree all day.

Because the tree was in the middle of the river, due to which the monkey used to come down very little from the tree. Although there was a lot of land around the tree, the monkey felt more secure on the tree above.

A crocodile also lived in the same river, the crocodile also had a lot of desire to eat plum but he could not eat it by breaking himself. He was looking at the tree one day that the monkey’s eye fell on him, the monkey asked if you want to eat berries, then I can give you.

The crocodile was happy and he said to the monkey that you give me some plum and pluck it, the monkey was clever. The crocodile said, okay I will eat the plum just like that, don’t come down.

The monkey used to feed the crocodile with plum every day and used to send some plum to the crocodile’s wife, both became very good friends. The daily work of both of them was done but the monkey would come and give it plum. The monkey and crocodile became good friends.

After a few days, the crocodile’s wife started getting lured one day. But he told him that yes both I and the monkey eat berry together.

But his wife told him that when the plum is so sweet, then how sweet will the soul of those beers eat, but he did not understand anything, his wife told him that when you go to the monkey tomorrow, tell him you should The wife has called for food today.

You come to my house, and when the monkey comes here, I will eat it. But Magar felt his wife but he did not listen and obeying her, but Magar had to do what his wife said.

But the next day I went to the monkey and said to him, monkey brother you give me plum every day, my wife is very happy and she has invited you to eat today.

The monkey thought the crocodile to be his good friend, he came down from the tree but he said that how will I go in the water, I do not know how to swim. The crocodile said that you sit on my back, I will take you up to my house.

The monkey obeyed him and sat on the back of the crocodile, both reached a little distance in the river, he was not speaking anything. Seeing him calm, the monkey asked him why you are so calm, the crocodile said that I am taking you to my house because my wife wants to eat you, wants you to eat.

The monkey was very scared to hear this, the monkey used his intelligence and said to the crocodile that if brother was like this, then you should have told me earlier.

I have come to leave my heart on the tree and if you take me home without my heart, then your wife will be very angry with you. The crocodile said yes you are right but what to do now. The monkey said that you take me back from the tree, I will go to the tree and immediately will take my heart and bring it for you.

The crocodile liked this trick and took the monkey back to the tree, as soon as the monkey reached the tree, he immediately climbed the tree.

When the monkey did not come down for a while, the crocodile called him down, the monkey told him that I look mad to you who will come down to give his life.

And now after today I will never give you plum and your friendship is over from today. The monkey cleverly saved his life.

What is the moral of monkey and crocodile story

We should never cheat on a person who does good to us, and should always work with intelligence.

story of monkey and the crocodile is very old. every student also read monkey and the crocodile story.

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