God story in english for kids God as a beggar

This english story on god. this God story in english is God as a beggar read this god story and learn lesson

God as a beggar- God Story

That was a long time ago . In a village in Maharashtra, a poor man named Patil lived with his wife and children. He had only two buffaloes which were his means of livelihood, but.

Patil’s financial condition was getting worse day by day. The expenses of his house were also barely attained. One day his wife said to him, “It is getting difficult to spend the house.

The children are not able to get enough food. You do one thing, sell a buffalo in the market. By selling it, we will get some money and we will live for some time. “

Patil agreed to his wife’s words. The next morning he started walking towards the market with a buffalo. On the way he found a man, he was also going to sell his horse in the market.

Patil tells him that he is going to sell his buffalo. Hearing this, the person said, “Friend! You do not need to go to the market to sell buffalo. You take my horse and give me your buffalo.

Patil accepted the man’s offer and handed over his buffalo to the person and rode on his horse and walked towards his house. He had just moved forward two or four steps to realize that he was a horseman.

He immediately turned the horse back to the market so that he could sell it to someone.

Patil had moved a bit about the horse so that he found a person. He had a cow. The man said to Patil, “Friend! Where are you taking this horse? “Patil told him to take a horse instead of a buffalo and said that the horse is kana,” Now I am going to sell this horse in the market. “

Hearing this the man said, “This cow of mine will be very beneficial for you. Your children will get milk to drink from this cow. If you want, you can take this milch cow instead of this horse.

Patil liked that person’s proposal. So he took the cow from her and gave the horse to her. Patil happily took the cow and walked towards the house. Then he came to know that the cow was a langi.

All his happiness was left behind. Now he once again walked towards the market to sell the cow.

This time he found a person carrying a goat on the way. On that person’s asking, Patil also told him the whole thing. Listening to Patil, the man said, “Friend! You give me this tall cow and take this goat from me instead. I need a cow. “

Patil swapped his cow with that person’s goat. He walked with the goat, but soon he came to know that the goat was very ill. He thought, “What good is the sick goat?” It would be better to sell it in the market.

Thinking this, he again went towards the market. He found a person in the market. He had some hens. Patil gave him a goat and took a chicken from him.

It was already noon. Patil was feeling very hungry, but he did not even have a pie to buy food. After much deliberation, he decided to sell the chicken. He sold cock to one person for one rupee. With that one rupee he bought some food and he sat under a tree to have food.

He was just about to put the first morsel in his mouth that a beggar came in front of him. He started saying to the beggar Patil, “Sir! I am very hungry. I haven’t had a single meal to eat for several days. Please give me something to eat.

I will always be indebted to you. “
Patil took pity on the beggar. He gave all his food to the beggar and returned to his home.

Patil’s wife was anxiously waiting for him at home. Seeing him coming home, his wife said, “Did you sell buffalo?” Sold for how much? Tell me fast! Patil did not say anything. Then his wife said, “You are seeing something disturbing!” Tell me, what’s the matter? “

Patil said, “I did not sell the buffalo. Swapped with his horse. “
” good ! It is a matter of great happiness. children ! Your father has brought a horse. Let’s go outside and see. Patil’s wife said. “

Wait! I did not bring a horse, instead I took a cow instead of a horse. Patil said. “
You did an even better job. At least milk will be available to the children from the cow. “His wife said.
” Oh no ! I swapped with the goat of the cow. “
” Let’s go ! Goats are also no less useful. I go and see the goat with the children. “

“Hey stay! Why don’t you listen to me? You start speaking in between. I did not even bring the goat home. I took the chicken instead. “
“Okay then! We will get chickens from chicken and we will earn a lot of money by selling chickens from them. “

“But I don’t even have chicken. I felt hungry walking. So I sold the chicken for one rupee and bought food with that one rupee, but I did not even get that food. When I sat down to eat, a beggar came to me and begging me to ask him to eat something. I took pity on him and gave all my food to the beggar. “

Patil said something sad.
His wife said, “You have done a lot of virtue by giving food to beggars. Come on, now you wash your hands, I serve food for you. Patil ate food and then fell asleep.

The next day, when Patil woke up in the morning to open the door of his house, he was surprised to see the outside view. He gave voice to his wife and children. They immediately came running to the door. They saw that buffalo, horse, cow, goat and hen were standing outside the house.

All these animals were not in the same state as Patil had seen them earlier. All animals were perfectly healthy. Apart from this, a plate of gold adorned the delicious dishes.

Seeing all this, Patil’s wife said shockingly, “Hey! Who brought all these things here? “
Patil smiled and said, “This is definitely the work of that beggar.” Now I came to believe that he was not a beggar, but God himself as a beggar.

God is also pleased to help a helpless one.

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