story with moral in english with interesting way with moral

story with moral in English interesting way. the story with moral are written in english. story with moral for kids for get lesson.

How did the shoe come?

How did the shoe come? story with moral in english
How did the shoe come? story with moral in english

Once upon a time there was a king, he had a very large kingdom of his own. One day he made up his mind that he traveled around the country and went out to visit the country, he came back from the journey to his palace, so he asked his ministers in his feet. Complained to be a pain.

The king said that the pebble stones that were on the way were burying in my feet, due to which there is a lot of pain in my feet, the king said to the ministers that they should arrange something after considering the king after some time. Told his soldiers and ministers that my order is to remove the pebble stones from the entire road and cover it with leather.

On hearing this order of the king, everyone was shocked but no one dared to refuse the king for this work, it was certain that it would take a lot of money to do these work but still no one said anything after some time. A wise minister fired a person and he went to the king fearfully.

Said that I want to give you a suggestion, if you do not want to waste so much money, then I have an idea which will also do your work and will save unnecessary money. Raja was very surprised because it happened for the first time. That Kisi had asked not to work.

The king said to the person, tell me what is Sujav, you said that he is better than covering the roads of the whole country with leather, why you do not use any money and you have to bear it and it will not hurt you and money. The king will also be saved by surprise, and after listening to the person, he took a shoe for himself.

Moral of the story

Always think about a solution that is more useful.

Illiterate farmer- story with moral

Illiterate farmer- story with moral
Illiterate farmer- story with moral

There used to be a farmer in a village, he did not read and wrote, he used to see people putting glasses to read books and Akbar, he used to think that if I also had glasses, I could read like these people too. . Thought that I too have to go to the city, I should take a spectacle for myself, then one went to that city and reached the eyeglass shop.

The tax shopkeeper told me that I need glasses to read, the shopkeeper showed different types of glasses and said which of the glasses you want, the farmer looked at each of the glasses, but then he could not read anything. The shopkeeper said that none of these glasses are of any use to me. When the shopkeeper looked at the farmer with his eyes full, the farmer looked at the book and kept looking back at the book.

The shopkeeper told the farmer that perhaps he does not know how to read, the farmer said that I do not know how to read, so if I am buying glasses, then I can also read like others, but I am not able to read with any of these glasses.

The shopkeeper was aware of the real problem of his illiterate customer, then he was able to handle his husband with great difficulty, then he explained to the farmer that listen, my brother, you are very naive and ignorant, just do not read anyone by putting on glasses.

It comes clear by applying glasses. Firstly you learn to read and then you will know how to write without glasses.

the moral of the story

From this story we get the urge that education is so important in our life, Ihum is nothing without studies – blindness is ignorance.

some other stories with moral

bait dog- story with moral

bait dog- story with moral
bait dog- story with moral

Once a dog got a piece of a bone, the dog kept pressing the bone in its mouth and the dog sitting in a corner kept sucking that bone for a long time, later it was tired and went to sleep when it woke up.

He was thirsty, he went out in search of water, and after walking some distance, he saw a river, he was very happy because he was very thirsty, he went to the banks of the river to drink water when he bowed.

He saw his own shadow, seeing his own shadow, he thought that this is another animal. He thought that the dog was a piece of bone in his mouth. The dog thought that I also have a piece of bone and I also have a piece of bone If I snatch this piece of bone from it, it will be a lot of fun, I will have two pieces of bone to eat so that I will not have to make arrangements to eat tomorrow.

He was very happy thinking all this Now I will take the bone from it, as soon as he barked to scare the dog, then his mouth opened and the piece of bone in his mouth He also fell in the river, neither did he get his bone to eat, nor did he think that the dog would also get bone, he did not get any bone to eat.

Neither he nor his shadow gave him much greed so he got nothing and had to go hungry.

The gist of the story – Greed results in evil

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