the honest wood cutter story in english for kids with lesson and moral

Once upon a time there lived a boy in a village, he was very poor but at the same time he was also very honest. He never thought of anyone’s bad, always wanted the best of all.

He was not educated, so he had no work, so he lived in the village with his parents. His parents were very old. He thought that he would bite and sell the girl and earn money with the same money, take care of his parents and take care of them.

He borrowed some money and bought an ax, and with the same ax he used to go into the forest and chop wood, and he kept that ax very well and slowly cut the wood of the tree and sold it properly Started.

Whatever money he received by cutting wood, he used to spend it on his mother and father. Gradually the time passed and the boy borrowed the money with an ax and repaid it.

One day the woodcutter went to the forest to cut wood, he cut a lot of wood and gathered all and went towards the forest for the purpose of cutting wood.

the honest wood cutter story in english for kids with lesso and moral
the honest wood cutter story in english for kids with lesso and moral

After some time, the woodcutter reached the banks of the river. And he climbed a tree and started cutting his twigs, he gathered a lot of wood.

After cutting the wood, when he started coming down from the tree, his ax fell suddenly in the river, the boy immediately came down from the tree and started searching for his ax in the river.

He searched for his ax for a long time but could not find his ax, he was quite destitute, after much searching when he could not find his ax, he went back to his home.

After going home, he thought about how his house would now be able to move and he would have to borrow money again thinking that he cried a lot and after thinking that, his night passed. He thought that he would try to find his ax one more time and maybe he could get his ax back again.

As soon as the next morning, he again walked towards the forest and reached the same river, he again tried to find his ax in the river but it happened again that he could not find his ax and he sat on the river and started crying.

Hearing the sound of her crying, a goddess comes out of the river and starts asking her why you are crying. Then the woodcutter tells all his things to the goddess.

Hearing her story, the Goddess says that I will help you, she goes to the river and brings three axes with her, the first ax is of gold, the second is of silver and the third is her own and asks the woodcutter which of these The ax is yours.

The woodcutter is very honest, due to which he identifies his ax and tells the goddess that it is my ax. Pleased with her sincerity, the goddess gives her three axes as a gift.

Story summary of honest wood cutter

Always be honest in life, if you remain honest in your life, then God will also be with you and help you.

the honest wood cutter story is very old story in english and also in hindi. a lot of child read this the honest wood cutter story in child age.

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