best English stories for children’s reading with moral interesting English story

best English stories for children’s reading with moral. the children like to read and watch English stories. by reading more English story and English Stories you get reading habits of reading English language.

English stories list

  • Three statues
  • Greed
  • Tree of Life mantra

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English stories– Three statues

best English stories for children
best English stories for children

At that time, King Vikramaditya was ruled in Avantika Nagari (Ujjain). One day a sculptor appeared before him carrying three metal sculptures. He said to the king “Maharaj! I want the right decision about the price of these idols. I have heard your name a lot for justice.

Therefore, I have appeared before you. Please kindly decide the value of these three idols. “
King Vikramaditya saw the idols.

The three idols were similar in color, form, shape and weight. Therefore the king thought. Their price should also be the same. After considering this, the king decided to be the same price of those three idols and expressed his views.

Many people in the court saw the idols – tested, examined – examined and expressed their opinion. But the sculptor was not satisfied with anyone’s decision. When the king saw all this, he handed over the responsibility of pricing the idols to Kalidas.

Kalidas took a sink and put it in the first idol’s ear, then it came out of the second ear. When the second idol was inserted in the ear, it came out of the mouth. When the third idol was inserted in the ear, it landed directly in the stomach.

Seeing all this, Kalidas said that “The first idol is worth three crores, the second idol is worth one currency and the third idol is worth one gold bear.

Hearing Kalidasa’s decision, the curiosity of the people grew, he wanted to know the solution of this puzzle. Seeing this, King Vikramaditya said to Kalidas – Kavivar, also explain the reason for this difference, so that people’s curiosity can be calmed.

Kalidas started saying calm and serious- Maharaj, the three murtis symbolize three types of human nature. Hearing from one ear and ejecting from the other ear is a bad nature.

It is a moderate nature to accept the fulfillment of your duty by saying words of praise on the talk of a speaker who listens with ear and it is a good practice to take the special thing deep in the heart by listening to it.

For this reason, the price of the new three identical looking idols has been fixed according to their specifications. The king, the sculptor and the public were all pleased to hear Kalidasa’s answer and praised Kalidasa’s intelligence.

English Story moral: This story teaches us that we should do any work wisely.

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English story -Greed

Greed- English stories
Greed- English stories

In a forest, four thieves rode on horses. Then he saw someone running towards him, as soon as he came near the thieves saw that he was a sage Mahatma. Hair and beard were scattered. They were laughing.

The thieves asked- What is the matter Baba, why are you half-dead? “
Mahatma said – “Don’t go that way.” Death stands ahead. “
Having said this, the Mahatma left from there.

The thieves thought let’s go see. Then all four of them walked towards where the Mahatma came from. Going further, the thieves saw that a hut remained in the forest, when they got down from the four horses and went inside the hut, they saw that pieces of gold were scattered in the hut.
He picked up the gold pieces and made a bundle and started to return.
They got hungry on the way.

A thief said- “You two men bring food from the market, both of us will take care, we will take food and distribute it.”
Two thieves rode horses and went towards the market to get food. He had never seen so much gold before. The two thieves who were guarding got greed.

The first thief said to his thief partner – “Never seen so much gold in life, if it is found by both of us then there will be no need to steal in life.” “
The second thief said- “You are telling the truth.
First Thief- “I have thought of a solution.

Second Thief- “What is the thought.”
First thief- “Both of us will hide in the bushes, as soon as both of them bring food, we will shoot both of them and then we both will fall asleep. ‘
Second Chor – “This is a good solution. “

The two thieves then hid in the bushes carrying guns. On the other hand, the two thieves went to a hotel to eat, both started eating, while eating the first thief said – “We have never seen so much gold before, I have thought of a solution, the second thief asked-” What is the thought? “
The thief said- “We have eaten the food, we add poison to the food. Will give food to both of them to get poison.

Both of them will die as soon as they eat food and then we will share the gold among ourselves.
The thieves added poison to the food and after consuming the poisoned food, they rode horses and walked towards the forest.

There was an equal conspiracy on both sides. As the two came near the bushes, the two thieves hiding in the bushes opened fire on them. soon as the bullets were fired, both thieves piled up there. As soon as they died, both came out of the bushes and went to the hut and started eating.

Both were very happy, but they did not know that this happiness is of few minutes, they both ate the food brought after mixing poison and both of them piled up there. The gold lay there and the four thieves died. If he had agreed to the sage-mahatma, he would have survived.

English Story moral

The elderly have said the truth that “greed is bad.

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Tree of Life mantra- English Story

Tree of Life mantra- English Stories
Tree of Life mantra- English Stories

There was a huge banyan tree in the vast plain of a village. Hundreds of birds lived in their nests in its thick branches. Early in the morning, many animals of the village used to come to graze the grass in a vast field of trees. In the vast field where the animals graze the grass, the Gwal-Bal used to sit in the shade of the banyan and play his flute.

Sitting in the huge shadow of the banyan and having lunch. School children would come and play with the cowherds when the school was discharged in the evening.

In this way, children would play in the huge shadow of the banyan and the birds and animals of the forest lived in joy from sun rise to sunset.
Once upon a time Birds were sleeping in their nests on the huge branches of Banyan Dada when suddenly a sound was heard.

The frightened children woke up their mothers and said, ‘Mummy, wake up mommy and hear that some sound is coming. But the mothers were sleepy. So, ignoring the talk of the children, she kept sleeping.

After some time, the sound of thud started becoming more loud and everyone woke up and started thinking what is happening. Everyone shouted loudly. Young children wept bitterly. The night watchman came running up and started searching his search lights to find out what was the matter.

The birds wake the banyan grandfather from sleep. When Dada opened his eyes, there were loud noises. So Dada took a stick in his hand and ran with glasses on his eyes. Seeing Dada running, birds and animals also followed him. Dada saw a man cutting a thick branch of a banyan.

Dada asked him, “Hey brother! Why are you cutting this branch? You do not see that many birds have nests on this branch. Where will these poor people go? “

“Wherever you go. I do not care ? I want this branch. After saying this, the man started cutting off the branch again.
“But tell me, brother, what work will this branch do for you?” It is wet and crooked. The banyan said.

“The center of my hut is about to break, I am cutting this branch to support it.” The man said wiping the sweat of his face.
” brother . Why should this branch buy any good wood from the accounts of the village. Banyan suggested the remedy.
There is no money to buy wood. He again said, I work very hard all day, yet do not get enough food.

I can neither send children to study nor bring clothes for them. Thereafter, no one can see, that is why I have come to bite at night. The branch cutter said stating his situation.

“We will not let you cut this branch, where will we go?” What will happen to our children? Now you run away from here otherwise you are not well. Saying birds like crows, woodpeckers, herons etc. started killing the wood cutter.

The wood cutter started trying to avoid the beak, but how did he succeed in protecting himself from all the birds? Finally, pressing the head between the two legs, he sat on the support of the banyan stem and started crying.

The banyan grandfather took pity on the crying person and he pacified the birds and said, “If this hut of this poor is broken, where will it go?” Its children will become helpless. “

“Dada, don’t favor it. Whatever it is to be done, wherever it has to go. You have to think for us, not for this. The birds said in unison. “You are true. But if its hut fell, it would not be able to make another one. Even if a branch of mine is cut, you will not be unfounded. You will be able to build nests on other branches, but what will this person do? We should not think for ourselves but also for others.

We must learn to be happy in the happiness of others and sad in the suffering of others. Thereafter many new branches will erupt on the cutting of this one branch.

You will get new homes So, let me take pity on this man and let him take it to the branch. Dada said while explaining to everyone.

“Dada, such a man should not be shown pity. Such people are crooks. Today it will cut one branch, tomorrow it will cut another branch, then third, fourth and then this sequence will continue. “A crow said

“Crows brother! You are right, but do you know that a person can never live again after death, but even if all my branches are cut, I will still live. Then new branches will grow. In this way God has created trees to serve the world. Where are my leaves, fruits, flowers, wood etc.

These are all due to God. I will give you all a new home. No matter what the person is, he has come to my shelter. He is helpless. I can not disappoint anyone. It is my religion to be useful to the world. Banyan said while explaining to everyone.

” grandfather ! This person will harm you, give you trouble, what will you do even if you do many such abuses by cutting your limbs? “An owl said.
Yes, son owl. It is the life mantra of trees to do favors even if you do wrong. “Listen to me.”
“Dada, you are right, but if you ask for an arm or a leg from it, it will not give because it hurts.” Similarly, if your branch or trunk is cut, will you not feel pain or sorrow? “A cuckoo spoke very bitterly in a sweet voice.”

“Son cuckoo, every living being has to suffer, but God has differentiated between person and chest.” If any part of a person is broken or fractured, then he does not drink again and does not become like that. Whereas God is pleased with the trees that when a branch is cut, a lot of foliage arises and thick leaves are shaken. So I request you to be helpful to this person, ”the grandfather said.

“No grandfather. You do not pray . You order We should follow the birds, grandfather’s, whether right or wrong. This is our responsibility. It is our duty to obey Dada. Let us all make our own ghats on other branches. An old heron ordered all the birds.
Banyan Dada pleased and thanked all the birds heartily and ordered that person to cut off the branch.

“Dada, I have gone through these trees and birds. Birds say the truth. I believe that the human race is very grateful. Even if my hut collapses, I do not want to offend the banyan and its dependent birds. I will find somewhere else. Saying that I do not want to fall into this grave sin, ”the man kissed the five of the banyan grandfather and went away from there, showing satisfaction by doing a good job.

English Story moral

Learning- We learn from this story that we should learn to be happy in the happiness of others and sad in the suffering of others.

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