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The Best collection of the story in English for kids. In Story in English is written in simple language. The story in English is used simple words and sentences for better understand. all stories are written in English language.

Golden henEnglish story

Golden hen - English story
Golden hen – English story

In a small village, a poor farmer lived with his family. He used to work in the field throughout the day, but due to more people in the family, it became very difficult for him to get bread for two times.

The farmer was always saddened by his helplessness. And used to think of new ways to earn money. Seeing this condition of his, a friend of his suggested farming along with poultry farming.

His friends said that if you sell poultry eggs along with farming, you will earn well. With this, you will be able to feed your family with plenty of food.

The farmer was very happy to hear this, but said that brother, I do not have the money to buy chicken, in such a situation how will I be able to buy chicken? Hearing this from the farmer, his friend said to him, “Okay, I will buy you a chicken and then give it back to me when you have the money.” The farmer said okay! The next day his friend brought a chicken to the farmer.

The hen that his friend gave him, he used to give a golden egg. No one knew this thing. Suddenly one day when he saw the hen’s egg from the farmer, the egg was of gold.

Knowing this, the farmer was very happy and thought that if this chicken gives a golden egg every day, then I will be very rich. Thinking all this, the farmer was very tempted. He only told this to his wife that the hen lays gold eggs and for a few days the hen lays gold eggs and the farmer pays the debt with interest.

Also of his friend who gave him money to buy chicken. A few days later the health of the chicken deteriorated. Due to which she was not able to lay eggs. And the farmer was in great need of money. He quickly thought of a solution to cure the chicken and within a few days the chicken was completely cured.

Then one day the farmer thought that the hen lays only one egg daily. I do one thing by tearing its stomach and take out all the eggs. Which will make a lot of money. By selling eggs, I will become rich and quick.

At the same time the farmer brought a sharpened knife and tore the hen’s stomach. When he tore the stomach, he noticed that there is not a single egg in the stomach.

Then his wife arrived and he too saw everything. Now the farmer started to regret neither he got eggs nor could he ever get it because he killed the chicken.

story in english summary: Greed is a terrible problem.

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Story of greedy cats and monkey

Story of greedy cats and monkey
Story of greedy cats and monkey

There was a forest. Where all the animals lived and they all lived very closely together. All animals followed every rule and celebrated every festival.

Among the same animals were two cats named Reena and Mini. They were both very good friends, both of them never left each other. In illness, take care of each other, go out together, even they used to eat both of them together.

All the animals living in the forest also praised their friendship. once upon a time. Reena had to go to the market for some work. But for some reason Minnie could not accompany him.

Mini did not seem to be alone. So he wondered why not even those markets roamed. On the way, he found a piece of bread. Her mind was tempted to eat bread alone and she came home with it.

Just as she was about to eat a piece of bread, Rini suddenly arrived. Rini saw the bread in her hand and started asking her. Mini, we eat everything together and you used to eat with me.

Won’t you give me bread Minnie got scared seeing Rini and started cursing Rini in her mind. At this, Mini said in a panic, “Oh no! Sister, I was cutting the bread in half. So that we both could get equal bread. Rini had understood that she had a greed too.

But that something No bid. As soon as mini pieces of bread were shouted, there was less bread in my part. The bread was given to Mini. So she should give it less, yet she said that the bread was given equal.

The two got into a fight and slowly this thing spread throughout the forest. All the animals were watching them both fighting. At the same time a monkey came there and he said that I give equal bread between the two. Brought the scales and placed a piece of bread on both sides.

The side where there was more weight would have eaten the bread on the side by breaking it a little bit. Saying this, the bread that is kept on the other side. He was equal to it and he used to eat more bread on purpose every time.

Due to which the weight of the bread on the other side was increased. By doing this, both and very few pieces of bread were left. When the cats saw so little bread, they started saying, “Bring back the pieces of our bread. We will eat the leftover roti among ourselves.”

Then the monkey said, “Oh wow, both of you are very much a driver, I will not get the fruit of my hard work saying that the monkey went away in the forest after eating the remaining piece of bread.

Those two cats stand there and face each other. She kept watching.

story in english summary: We should never be lured, we should be as happy as we have got, whatever is at stake due to greed also goes away.

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Bear and two friends story in english

Bear and two friends story in english
Bear and two friends story in english

Pintu and Chintu were good friends. On one hand Chintu was very timid. On the other hand, Pintu was very courageous.

One day both of them thought that both of them would go to the nearby village fair and have to go through the forest to go to that village.

So both friends started going towards the forest and after walking for some time, both of them reached the forest. Chintu was very timid and was frightened by the frightening sound of the forest.

He was not afraid, that’s why Pintu was entangling him. After a while, both of them heard a scary voice. And even the courageous Pintu was afraid of that voice and at the same time a ferocious bear came in front of them both.

Seeing the bear, Pintu quickly climbed the nearby tree without thinking. And Chintu did not know how to climb on the tree. Then Chintu saw that Pintu had climbed the tree, only then did Chintu get an idea and he immediately lay down on the ground with his mother-in-law.

At the same time, the bear came to him and listened to him and thought that he was dead.

So the bear left from there. After some time, Pintu came off the tree. Coming to Chintu, he started telling him that what the bear had said in your ear after the car.

Then Chintu said that the bear came and told me, friend, you should be alert and stay away from such a friend. It is very good for you. Your friend is very mean, leaving you alone and ran away to save his life. Pintu bowed his head in shame.

story in english summary: The friend who supports us even in our bad times is called a true friend and the friend who leaves us in danger is called a friend and not an enemy.

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Female elephant –story in english

Female elephant -story in english
Female elephant -story in english

That was a long time ago. An elephant lived in the hands of King Chandrasen. The elephant’s name was Mahimukh. He was very understanding, kind, and obedient.

All the residents of that state loved the elephant very much. The king was also very proud of Mahimukh. After some time Choro built his hut outside Mahimukh’s handicap.

The thieves kept looting and beating throughout the day and came to their base at night to show their bravery. The thieves often made plans for the next day as well, how to rob everyone even tomorrow, after listening to their words,

it seemed that all those thieves are very dangerous. The lady elephant used to listen to those four things.
A few days later, woman-friendly.

But the words of those four began to be affected. Mahimukh felt that it was real heroism to persecute others. That is why Mahimukh decided that now he too will conduct like all four.

First, Mahimukh attacked his servant. Slammed the servant and killed him. All the people were disturbed after seeing such an action of such a good elephant. Mahimukh was not under control of anyone.

The king was also worried about seeing this form of Mahimukh. Then the king also called the new Mahavat for Mahimukh, even that servant.

Mahimukh killed. In this way, the spoiled elephant killed four servants. What was the reason behind this behavior of Mahimukh? No one was able to understand.

When the king did not suggest a way, he called a wise legalist to treat Mahimukh. The king pleaded with Valid as soon as possible to fix Mahimukh. So that it does not cause havoc in the state.

Valid ji took Raja’s words seriously and started vigilant surveillance of Mahimukh Soon, Lawful ji came to know that this change in Mahimukh is due to thief. Valid ji told the king the reason for the change in the behavior of Mahimukh.

The king, after leaving this, started organizing satsang continuously from now on. So that the woman’s behavior gets done as before.

The king did exactly as the lawful law had said. Satsang was organized everyday outside the handicraft and by doing slowly the mind-set of Mahimukh was started. Within a few days, Mahimukh became as sensible, compassionate as before.

The king was very happy when he got well and called Lawful Law as meditation and gifted him a gift.

story in english summary : We should live by the company of good people and treat everyone well The effect of bad association is very deep and happens very quickly.

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from past time the reading story in english and watching story in english is our culture. from a research our mind remember stories for long time. so our parents and grand parents tell us stories in english.


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