Thirsty crow story with lesson for kids

the thirsty crow story is very old and interesting story in our life. in child life every one read thirsty crow story in english or hindi or both.

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a thirsty crow story in english

Once upon a time, there used to be a crow in a forest, it was the summer time in which everyone, whether an animal or animal, is in great need of water, no human can live without water and no animal. So water is very important. That crow was very upset for a few days because he had not got water for a long time.

And he was in a lot of trouble due to thirst, he was in need of water. But he was not getting water anywhere, due to lack of water, he was getting rid of shaking. One gets water from anywhere but he does not get water.

One day the thirsty crows were feeling that they would not be able to survive anymore, its last time had come. So he thought that if I do not get water, I will die.

He mustered a lot of courage and somehow he strengthened himself a little so that he could fly and arrange water from where he was. The thirsty crow flew and he kept flying far enough but he could not see the water, he was very disappointed. It was as if he had forced himself to fly but he did not get water even after flying far away.

Then he gave up, he thought that now is his last time, now he is not going to get water. He started trying to walk slowly in the hope that he might get water and he could quench his thirst. After walking a little distance, he saw a matka in the forest

He thought that there would be no water in it because some of the rest of the animals in the forest must have drank the pot water, yet he thought it appropriate to make one last effort and he slowly started going to the pot.

Although he did not expect to get water from the pot but how did he reach the pot?

When he reached the pot, he saw that there was water in the pot, he was very happy to see the water and a ray of hope arose in him. He thought that now he will be able to escape with the help of water. But when he looked at the pot, the water in the pot was very low and due to the lack of water, all the water was in the pot.

The crows tried to drink water from his beak many times but due to the water being down, he could not reach the water, yet he tried many times.

Maybe he gets water, he thought that he should drop the pot down and drink the pot, but if the pot fell, then there was too much water, it would fall down and he would have to be thirsty.

When he looked at the side of the pot, he saw some pebble stones, then he thought that if he put the pebble stone in the pot, the water of the pot could come up, then he started this trick and started putting it one by one.

After putting some pebble stones, when he looks in the pot, the water starts to appear a little higher, the crow is very happy and in this place he starts putting the stone in the pot very quickly.

After putting the stone for some time, the water of the pot comes upwards, and the thirsty crow quenches its thirst by drinking water. And he starts flying from the forest.

The moral of the thirsty crow story: We should never give up at any cost.

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